DV Titler - Prototype

This is the first prototype of the user interface of this project. The image shows the page edition dialog, where you can control the main attributes of a page, including background, foreground, position and effects, and transitions.

Page editor

If the background is opaque, it can be a solid color or an image. Otherwise it is video, onto which the titles will be superimposed.

The foreground contains conventional text with simple formatting. Alternatively, you can import an external image (or SVG file) which can be as complex as you want. Note that scroll and crawl effects are no more than combinations of slide transitions in the same direction.

If you want to play with the code, take it here: dvtitler_proto.tar.gz. Don't expect it to do anything useful, it just shows the basic user interface and functionality. The main window resembles Kino's main window. That's on purpose, when this project (or a component version) be integrated to Kino, perhaps it will use Kino's screen for the preview, and Kino's scene list widget for the page list.