DV Titler - Plugin

The DvTitler-Plugin is a titler for the non linear video editor Kino. It is not stand alone, it uses kino's plugin engine. The image shows the user interface, where you can control the main attributes of the title.

Title editor

Both foreground and background colors support alpha channel (transparency or opacity). The pad size is the space around the title (like the cell padding in HTML tables). If the background have some opacity (alpha > 0) and pad size is bigger that 1, the background will be filled with the background color.

The initial position is where the title will appear initially. If the final position have a different value than No Change, the title will move between the initial to the final position, the number of frames you selected in kino's frame FX dialog. The suffix "off" means a position outside the screen.

The x and y offset (xoff, yoff) are respectively the amount of distance the title will be placed from its position. Default is 0 for both.

After version 0.0.5 it has its own font selector (to avoid lots of problems and ugly hacks with X font selectors). Text attributes (and the text itself) should be defined using this interface. The font selectors uses by default the directory /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType/ unless you define it manually at configuration time with --with-fontpath="/your/ttf/fontpath". If you don't have true type fonts you can use Type1, or any scalable font supported by FreeType. Or get some TTFs from the corefonts project. Title editor

Ah, I was forgeting... It is fast!

See some examples (to see the original size image click over the thumbnail):

No, currenty you can't do a multicolor/multifont title in a single step, you have to make first one of the titles and later the other. By the way, this ugly guy is NOT me!

Playing with transparency.

After 0.0.5 it supports multiline, in this example center aligned. The credits were taken from the Blade runner film (where is my imagination?!).

The tab align for multiline titles is useful for this tipical credits sequence.


Curently this plugin is in an experimental, alpha state. Almost all the functionality is working but there are some issues. It is not using X rendering, but renders directly in the image frame using FreeType font rendering engine. It searches for the font file in your X font directories. It works better (only?) with true type fonts. I doesn't work with fonts non supported by freetype2.

Note: If you use a font server, the program won't find automatically your font path. In that case, give it a fixed path at configuration time with the option --with-fontpath="/your/ttf/fontpath".



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